Ladle Monitoring System for Steelmakers

LadleSafe infrared monitoring of your steel ladles minimises the risk of liquid steel breakout and maximises your ladle refractory lifetime.

Why LadleSafe?Steel ladle with hot spot

  • Are you constantly concerned about the potential risks of metal breakouts?
  • Are you feeling that your ladle refractories sometimes could last a few more heats, but you must take safety first?
  • Would you feel more confident in pushing the ladle refractory lifetime if a system scanned every ladle before it was sent to the casting bay?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, LadleSafe will assist you to increase performance and safety.

Ladle breakout

The risk of a ladle breakout will always be present in steelmaking, with equipment damage and lost of production as the costly consequence. Your production and operation routines could minimize this risk, but the fact remains; as long as liquid steel is transported using ladles – breakouts will occur from time to time.

Besides the economical impact of a ladle breakout it is a very dangerous event and there is a potential risk of personnel injuries and lost of life.

The LadleSafe system is designed to help you to avoid this costly and dangerous situation.


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