Metsol is a small company with a large network of experts. We tailor our team based on your needs and make sure to work alongside your staff all the way to obtain sustainable results.
We are based in Stockholm, Sweden and operate globally. Our roots are found in the Swedish steel and the Norweigan ferro-alloy industries, from where we have established our fundamental production principles. After years of development and fine-tuning we now believe these principles to be applicable in most industrial production facilities.
Our network of engineers are professionals with decades of experience within your industry. When they act as team members they typically focuses on specific issues of industrial production ranging from logistics and planning via metals processing and automation to very specific operational mechanisms. 
We put pride in facing the problem first hand and never get caught stuck in office. We make sure to understand the practical side of your processes and production in detail, a must to avoid pitfalls, and spend a great deal of our time on the factory floor, interacting with your staff.
Metsol is led by Mr Mårten Görnerup who is a metallurgist by training and holds a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in process metallurgy.  Mårten has managed numerous improvement projects for industrial clients and has also served in numerous management positions. Although Mårten has a strong academic technical background, his main focus is to build and leverage on strong teams:


The key to operational excellence is always the people, and people need motivation to perform. Motivation is obtained by knowing that you strive towards a good purpose, you have control over your part of the chain, and you get recognized by others and your leaders. 

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