The fossil-free steelmaking future is here tomorrow – time to change is now

Steel industry is a major contributor to the global CO2-emissions and legislations and policies related to the climate change are rapidly starting to induce change to push towards a fossil-free steel industry.

Migration to fossil-free operations and green steelmaking is a delicate decision which requires considerable strategic efforts to evaluate future options at hand and what path to choose.

Time is now to evaluate strategical options and formulate a transition plan for this disruptive change. Avoid being forced into transformation, take control and reframe your future.

Metsol has vast experience from transformation of steelmaking operations and development of fossil-free production systems in the European green steel domain. We are helping our clients to strategically evaluated options looking forward focusing on:

  • The steelmaking processing and production system

  • Stepwise transition including configuration for different tiers

  • Logistics and raw material feeds including iron-feedstock balancing

  • Energy sources and reduction agent

  • Upcoming alternatives for iron ore reduction such as Hydrogen-based direct reduction 

  • Evaluation of relocation options and most optimum production configuration

  • Balancing of plant


We would be happy to assist you with strategic guidance and transformation planning

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