Our principles

Our method is based on previous experiences with industrial clients and aims at establish a sustainable production system with world-class performance that continuously improves. The people running the operations understands the objectives, acts within a framework, and are highly motivated. The production is sustainable and highly standardized to obtain high quality, efficiency and safety, and improvement never stops.

It starts and ends with your staff. They need to know the objectives and understand the framework where they have obligation and freedom to act. Decisions and communication based on agreed procedures makes the workplace safe and efficient.
No planet, no business – that is the long term consequence on the business side. Besides, most organisations are not an autonomous entity called ‘Corp inc’. We are an organisation run by people. People with a hope for a bright future of their loved ones. Long term sustainability is the most fundamental business criteria of them all.
Your processes (either work process or industrial process) needs to be designed to meet targets such as time and quality requirements, while allowing common deviations to occur without failing. In coupled batch-process, such as steelmaking, understanding the interplay with down-stream operations complicate things further. Stability is everything.
Linking of processes into a chain forms the production. A smooth flow is always the most productive solution, suggesting that slow and steady is better than fast and unsteady. Get the good tonnes out.
When people, processing and production is in place it is time to start fine-tuning to make sure it works as a well-oiled team. Study the best in class and pick up your pace and efficiency, and further improve workers safety. Never settle for second best.
Never stop improving. When the basis for a sound and stable production is in place we implement the procedures for continuous improvement. Make tomorrows operation even safer and more efficient.

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