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  • Metsol adds value to your operations by improving performance based on an outside perspective from specialists and experts

  • Our conclusions are based on our in-depth knowledge of metals production specifics, strategy and sustainability, and how to leverage on the staffs skills and experience

  • We have our roots in the Scandinavian metals industry

  • We leave the client with a more productive, more sustainable, and more safe production system – no exception

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Handling regular operational deviations is an never-ending and overwhelming task that wears out my team and makes quality and productivity suffer.

We are stuck in fighting these battles every day, and win some, but the war never ends.

This is a one-way track heading for disaster – we need to change course to stay competitive.


Sustainability and excellence – fundamentals in the future production system



Sustainable operations can sometimes be very challenging to reach. We make sure the final objectives are in place and that we have a realistic plan to get there.

Then we take it step-by-step. 



We will guide you through the change process and make sure improvements are implemented that generate results which are reflected in your key performance indicators.

Our point of departure is always existing status and your success-factors so far. No magic method and fundamental implementation. Instead, we base our work on six crucial principles and then take it from there.


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